Finding How to Research Tires Online Online

Consumer Reports is a well known and highly trusted independent reviewer of many consumer products. An annual subscription to the Consumer Reports website is affordable and can pay for itself when you take its advice.

Discount Tire, an online tire store, has thousands of reviews from past customers. You can search for tires under $100, including name brands like Hankook Optimo H727 and Michelin Harmony.

Tread life warranties can be reassuring when you are looking for cheap tires and spending your hard earned money, but not all are created equally. Some companies like Continental Tires and Firestone offer 30 day trials on some of their tires in addition to their standard warranty. Because of the terms and conditions associated with most tread wear guarantees, many people feel they are more of a marketing tool than a great benefit to the consumer. Damaged caused by road hazards are usually not covered and in order to qualify you may have to show proof that the tires were properly maintained, i.e. balanced and rotated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you satisfy all of the conditions of the warranty and qualify for coverage, you will likely be offered new comparable tires from the same manufacturer of course at a discount that is prorated using the difference between the mileage guarantee and the mileage you actually got. You still have to pay the cost of installation. In short, understand the conditions of the warranty and don't automatically be swayed by it.

The keys to finding cheap tires are patience and effort. Competiton for your business often results in a wide range of prices for the same exact tires from store to store. Take your time and compare. Often, the lowest prices you will find will be from online tire sellers. Remember to factor in any associated costs when you are comparing prices. If you do your homework, you can find cheap tires for sale that fit your needs, keep you safe, last a long time and fit your budget.